Homophobia in Sport

English Wicket Keeper Steven Davies has come out as gay, he came out to his team mates before the successful Ashes tour. The response from the Cricket world has been positive and reading the vast amounts of tweets (he is trending on Twitter) have also been positive and supportive.

These are all positive omens, similar to the response to Welsh Rugby player Gareth Thomas last year. All of this is a far cry from the response to the only Football player to come out.

Justin Fashanu, brother of former Wimbledon player and Gladiator presenter John, came out in 1990. He was ostracised by his team mates, management and eventual killed himself in an abandoned garage. It is this sort of reaction that has prevented many homosexual sports people from coming out, and, it seems most sports are turning a corner. Sadly though, it appears unlikely that it will happen in Football.

English Wicket Keeper Steven Davies


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