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Pornography and Strippers

A small blog discussing strippers, porn, the role of the man and whether or not it is ok to see any of them after a certain age Continue reading

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Which Books Would You Give Away?

Inspired by this article: I began to think what book I would give away as a gift. Obviously if you are buying for someone, you tend to try to tailor to his or her tastes. Hence, why my Dad … Continue reading

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I Love Eddie Howe

add the hash tag #iloveeddiehowe to Tweets and let the world know you love this little guy. If you don’t like football pretend he saves animals or something… Continue reading

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TV: Six Feet Under

A small essay on the wonderfulness that is Six Feet Under Continue reading

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Biography versus Fiction

Since my Harry Potter re-evaluation I have been reading all bar one of the books. This dose of fiction has been something of a welcome break as the last four or so books I have read have been biographies (Ian Kershaw’s ‘Hitler’ and Alison Weir’s ‘Elizabeth: The Queen’). However, as I need a break from Hogwarts I have reverted back to type and started to again read biographies. Continue reading

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