Pornography and Strippers

There has been a fair amount of discussion lately, in the Gaurdian and on some blogs about Porn and things related to the adult industry. I thought I will add my two cents worth in.

First off, Porn.

Personally I do not think there is anything essentially wrong or demeaning about professionally produced porn where all the participents are willing. Obviously, the harder edges of the genre, such as exploitative and demeaning porn is inherintly wrong. For the purposes of this discussion I am not talking about that.

A good blog to read about the adult industry is by former adult actress Penny Flame. I can not in all honesty say that is true of all adult actresses but it does prove that it is possible. Jenna Jamieson made millions by tightly controlling what she would do and how she would do it.

Secondly, the role of the man in straight porn is often over looked. It is a well established fact that they are paid less than the women in the films and are only paid if they ejaculate (hence the term, The Money Shot). Due to the inteded, but not exclusively, male audience the camera focuses on the woman. The man is there to maintain an erection and come on cue. He is little more than a dildo with a water cannon.

However, the more you read the above mentioned blog the more damaged she seems. The consumption of porn made by willing adults amongst willing adults whether on their own or as a prop in foreplay is acceptable. For every one Jenna Jamieson they may be two Traci Lords or Linda Lovelace.


When I was younger I would frequent strip clubs on a less than frequent basis. This was much to the distaste of several of my female friends. I would reason that since the men in the room had to pay entry fees, expensive drink prices and £10-20 per dance they were the ones willingly being exploited. I read “Living Dolls” by Natasha Walters and it didn’t really change my opinion. Especially since I would point out that she neglected class and made the women seem like victims. Anyway, between consenting adults I would say it is all right. If you want to dance and if you want to fork out then be my guest.

In any area of life you do have examples of people being forced into situations against their will.

My opinion has changed, this is mainly due to fact that, if anything. I myself have changed. I can no longer be bothered to get dances and pay the money. This may be due to being happy in the relationship I am in or boredom with the whole thing. Probably a mixture of the two.

The liberal in me says that, if they are consenting then it is all right. The slightly older man just thinks: you can knock yourself out, but I cannot be bothered.

There is, however, something very sad about middle aged men getting dances mid-week.


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4 Responses to Pornography and Strippers

  1. Leanne says:

    Why is exploitative and demeaning porn “inherently” wrong. Some people may be in to that, and the “actors” involved may consent and be more than willing to partake. In that case, it’s ok. A ‘snuff’ type of porn film on the other hand…….

  2. agatharuncibleforever says:

    Ok, lots to discuss here. Re. porn, I’m split (no pun, euphamism or other double entendre intended). On the one hand I don’t want to be reactionary in my gender politics and on the other I’m not keen on the industry at all. But what I’m not keen on as regards pornography is the divorcing of the act from the person. I think it dehumanises sex for both men and women. The actors become ciphers for an audience’s very clinical participation in sex. As far as I’m concerned pornography represents an exploitation of both men and women. Your location of men as possibly the more exploited is something I’ve discussed previously with others. The man can be read as essentially a tabula rasa for any man – or indeed an everyman. What dictates the understanding of the male position in regular straight pornography is WHO is watching, the idea behind this being that we put ourselves into the film as either partner depending on our own sex.

    Analysis of pornography shares many common facets with that of film noir. Essentially it’s about framing the subjects on screen so that they appear to embody a power, an autonomy they don’t actually possess. The actual locus of power is the voyeur, the person who *chooses* how to view the film. This, equally, is something played out in our quotidian existence – we have little or no control over how others choose to view us.

    Lapdancing clubs I haven’t ever thought about in detail. My only contribution is that I think those who frequent them are a bit tragic (sorry to your teenage self) and that whomever is taking their clothes off for money would be better served emotionally by having a career (or life) that utilized more than their superificial sexuality. Again whatever power they have is borrowed – they are only gods and goddesses when the punters chose to worship them as such. They can fall from that pedestal very quickly.

    I’m liberal in terms of expression of sexuality, indulgence in different forms of sexuality etc but I find pornography and it’s surrounding hangers on to be exploiting both the user and provider.

  3. Leanne says:

    As a frequent viewer, I don’t feel exploited in any way. I choose to watch it, I enjoy it and I choose how I view (both in my minds and actual eye) it. If those that participate, choose to to participate fully, without pressure or force and decide that this is what they want to do, then good for them in exercising their free will.
    I choose to be a psychiatric nurse, this sometimes means I am open to being spat at, and abused, verbally, physically and mentally. But I choose to it, I am happy with my choice. If people weren’t happy with the choices try make in life…get off your arse ad do something about it. Don’t like doing porn? Then don’t.
    Re/ the stripper issues, lap dances I find a waste of time, not that I’ve had any mind, I wouldn’t enjoy it if I did (I think), but a damn sexy burlesque dancer (Cher not included), now that I’d pay for 🙂

  4. Leanne says:

    Super bad spelling above 🙂

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