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Super injunctions, what is the point? Really?

Super injunctions, freedom of the press and other such things Continue reading

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Picture of Dorian Gray – Bewley’s Cafe Dublin

On Good Friday, in Ireland, it is illegal to buy beer anywhere. Which is annoying. All it means is that everyone buys a shite load of beer on Maundy Thursday and gets a little bit more pissed. As an atheist … Continue reading

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I recently bought Gabriel Fitzmaurice’s sonnet collection, “Twenty One Sonnets”. It is available in shops. And on the internet. The presentation is the main thing I want to talk about. The poems are accompanied by illustrations from Brenda Fitzmaurice. They … Continue reading

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Exaggerations and other things

“Tout ce qui est exagéré est insignifiant.” (“All that is exaggerated is insignificant.”) Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord There has been a fair few occurrences since I last blogged on any subject. And that none of these are particularly literary in … Continue reading

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Few Things

There has not been a blog for a while now for a few reasons. They shall be explained quickly and thusly: I have not been able to access the site due to technical reasons I will not pretend to understand, … Continue reading

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