Exaggerations and other things

“Tout ce qui est exagéré est insignifiant.” (“All that is exaggerated is insignificant.”) Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord

There has been a fair few occurrences since I last blogged on any subject. And that none of these are particularly literary in subject is of little or no importance.

First off the block is the French ban on the Muslim veil. Is this an infringement on the woman’s religious right to wear whatever the hell they like? Is it a valid security concern in this modern War on Terror i.e. you have your face covered and we cannot see if you are quietly muttering a prayer for the martyr? Could it possibly be another over reaction from the religious minority about a government wanting to pose secularisation upon people who live in their State?

As a committed non-believer I do not believe that any god would care if another man can see the face of a woman. The fact that the woman has to cover her face, I feel, is demeaning to her. She is mere property and is nothing more than something to be lusted after. She is relegated to her gender in the most simplistic terms; she is not a woman with a name, personal history and emotions. She is a female.

Secondly, what does it actually say about the Men this god created? Are they so weak and so animalistic (surely an argument for evolution and the pre-history of Man) that the merest sight of a beautiful or even feminine face will cause mayhem, murder and rape? If that is truly the case then god failed in his creation, because HE made mankind weak.

However, for a government in a modern Western democracy to impose such a ban smacks of totalitarianism. You cannot force your opinions and beliefs upon people. Former Home Secretary Jack Straw wanted to ban the veil during his constituency meetings. He even added the caveat that the woman could have a chaperone so she can maintain her modesty and decency. For this he took an unimaginable amount of grief. Not that I am defending Jack Straw but he wanted to communicate face to face and felt that the veil hindered this. It is a common sense argument blown out of proportion and labeled racist and anti-Muslim. It isn’t either of those things. At all. If you ban the veil what will you ban next Jewish Skull caps? Prayers on a Friday?

I was going to have a rant against a certain set of twins making €3,000,000 last year. But I do not want to have to write their name in a tag. Hopefully, the public will get bored with them and then they will go away. Forever.

Queen Elizabeth II is making a State visit toIrelandsoon and this has caused all the familiar and depressing reactionary sentiments. They range from the usual “I don’t want the Queen of England, head of the British Armed Forces, to visit” to “The British are terrible shites” and every possible hue in between. I can understand the reasoning behind President McAleese’s invitation as she is aiming for “reconciliation and understanding” between two nations with a shared history and culture. This can only be done through progress, moving forward and not being stuck in the tragedies of the past.

One really annoying thing: she is not the Queen of England. The last Queen of England was Elizabeth I. She is the Queen of The United Kingdom of Great Britain andNorthern Ireland. British Monarchs have been called that since Queen Anne in 1704. If you are going to complain, at least be factually correct. 

My “I love Eddie Howe” tag experiment died an undignified death. Apparently the ‘gay for Eddie’ tag was more popular. That and a five game winless streak. Though, I do not think I caused that.

I have finally finished reading Frank McLynn’s biography of Marcus Aurelius. It was a great book. If you are interested in Ancient Rome I would recommend it. Might get McLynn’s biography of Napoleon next.

The Talleyrand quote at the top is inspired by the fact that both reactions to the veil and the Monarch’s visit have been unnecessary exaggerated and blow way out of all proportion.

Next Week: Boobs*.

 *Probably not.


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