Tim Minchin – Liverpool Echo Arena

Funny, Good singer but is it really a comedy gig?

I have been a YouTube based fan of Tim Minchin for quite a while now. In case you do not know of him, here is a brief description. He is an Australian singer slash comedian. Who does funny songs with the word “mother fucker” in a lot. I saw him on the last leg of his 15 date tour with the Heritage Orchestra, but more of that later.

The show is in its most basic simply Tim Minchin and a piano being funny. The songs are interspersed by some “traditional” stand up. He is backed by an entire orchestra and this does add depth and make the songs sound suitably epic. It was a quite risky move for a comedian but it worked well. Especially in songs such as ‘Darkside’, ‘Beauty’ and the gorgeous ‘White Wine in the Sun’.
The main problem with the gig is that it felt just like that, a gig. Not a comedy show. Not in the sense of say, Dara O’Brian or someone similar. But that is a relatively minor quibble as whatever way you look at it, it was fun.
The atheism is prevalent and can be seen as a little preachy where it not done with a genuine sense of humour and not a Dawkinesque intellectual bloodymindedness. That said, if you know Tim Minchin’s work then you know what to expect. His intellectual abilities come across well in he lyrics of the songs which are clever and obviously funny.
It was funny in places, especially a whole section about the sacred nature of some books. Songs such as the ‘Pope Song’ and ‘Thank You God’ are funny and would not appeal to the religious. ‘Lullaby’ worked really well and was funny.
It is a shame that he didn’t do ‘Storm’ his ten minute long Beat poem or ’10 Foot Cock and a Few Hundred Virgins’.
Tim Minchin is a good singer, excellent songwriter and a decent showman.

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