Don’t Read The News Of The World

According to several reports in the papers The News of The World (NOTW) phone hacking scandal sank lower than expected.

For the unaware, bored or hard of memory: Journalists from the NOTW hacked in to the voicemail’s of celebrities in order to gain private information for stories. Lord Prescott’s mobile was hacked and he eventually won some damages. Hugh Grant had the same problem but wrote a funny article in the New Statesman where he secretly recorded a hacker ( In the article he actually mentions Milly Dowler! He also mentions the Soham murders and the news broke today that Police are investigating a potential hack there.

It has come to light that the NOTW now hacked into the mobile phone of missing teenager Mille Dowler ( The linked article, and several others, also claim that voicemail messages were deleted in order to generate space for more messages and to prolong the search. This is not only illegal it is also amazingly cold-hearted and cruel. To bandwagon a families pain, uncertainty and anguish to get leads is shocking. Her parents have called it “heinous” and one would tend to agree. It is worse when one considers that the messages were deleted when she was missing and she has since been found murdered. It is impossible to even imagine the cynical nature of the meeting where this invasion of privacy was authorised. It would not have been the act of a single journalist but must have been approved higher up. The buck must stop with editor Rebecca Wade.

I am not so naive as to think that other papers and other journalists have always walked on the right side of morality. Sometimes, it may be necessary to be immoral in order to highlight a greater social injustice. But, there is never a call for this.

So, I would suggest that you do not buy the paper or any other News International publication.

However, it is interesting to note that these stories are coming to light whilst Rupert Murdoch is attempting to buy a majority of BSkyB in the UK. Probably nothing to that mind.


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