The 27 Club

The news came out today that Amy Winehouse has died. Details are coming through in parts and there hasn’t been an autopsy yet so it is impossible to know, for certain, what caused it. All you can say is that it is a sad end for a talented woman.

I could be all hypocritical and say that I was a massive fan, I wasn’t. However, it is a sad end to a troubled woman. She was many things both good and bad, my thoughts go out to her friends and family. Maybe her Dad will give an interview on the TV as he never does that. At all.

This however, brought back to my mind the thing called the “27 Club” and that is the odd coincidence that many famous rock stars have died, or gone missing, at the age of 27. Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Richey Edwards (well, he went missing at that age). Here is a wiki page:


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