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I was reading Stephen King’s excellent “On Writing” and he said that he reads about 70 fiction books a year. Which is a lot, but doable if you can dedicate your life and time to it. Which, due to his … Continue reading

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Looking back at ‘Reason Rally’

I look at the recent Reason Rally, and how it is a bit… wankery. Continue reading

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Abortion and Ireland

The Irish Parliament has voted down any chance of changing the legislation regarding abortion due to religious pressures. To have a male institution dictate what a woman can and cannot do with their bodies is ridiculous. But, there you are.

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Weddings, Obese people on TV and Weight Loss

As I have previously mentioned I am working out in order to get ready for my up coming wedding, obviously whilst typing this I have a brew and Hob Nob cookies but that is by-the-by. Anyway, I have been hitting … Continue reading

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Celebrity Chefs…

In this insightful post I look into who is prettier Rachel Khoo or Nigella Lawson. Continue reading

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Gunther Van Hagens’ Crucifixtion

Last night Channel 4 broadcast a documentary showing the creation of Dr Gunther Van Hagens’ latest work, entitled “Jesus”. The programme followed the process of “plasticanation” where a corpse is drained of all fluid. Then a plastic is pumped in … Continue reading

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Re-Imagining the Gay Marriage Argument

The controversy surrounding same sex marriages is a baffling one. Mainly due to the fact that they really shouldn’t be any controversy at all… Continue reading

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