Pro life posters in Dublin

Prolife Poster
Makes you wonder why a country that remains in a Catholic stranglehold and has anti-abortion legislation written into the constitution still feels the need to advertise Pro-Life scaremongering bullshit? The Advertising Standards Agency cannot, or will not, do anything about it as it is a “non profit” poster and not an actual advert. This is bullshit. I respect the argument that it is free speech but until a woman has the choice to do whatever she wants with her body and what ever it is she can live with, groups like the Youth Defence league can go fuck themselves.


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1 Response to Pro life posters in Dublin

  1. Dan says:

    The real issue is the grip that catholic morality still has on Ireland. When you will have Durex ads and Pro Life ads running freely -I don’t think the non for profit argument of the ASA is valid, it still an ad- then we know we are moving in the right direction. I don’t support the widespread idea of taking the Pro Life ads down anyway, that would be censorship, and it’s the opposite direction of where you wanna go

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