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Guest Blog on

The blog immediately before this one has been selected as a guest blog on the Irish Atheist website, Have a looksee at it and the other stories about why, and how, people decided to be Atheists. Some of the … Continue reading

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Why I am an Atheist

In a lot of blogs people give all sorts of reasons for their non-belief and it can sometimes read like an introduction to an AA meeting: My name is Matt, and I have been without God for six months. This … Continue reading

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Marriage and Atheism – Part Two – The Revenge

Well we met with the Spiritualist Minister that is going to legaliseĀ our relationship in a formal context. She was, and I assume still is, a rather small but pleasant lady. Somewhere in her late fifties or early sixties she met … Continue reading

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Well, football’s finished now what

The football has finished and the best team won. Which is always great and never England. An Englishman can take some positives from the tournament. For example, Gerrard played brilliantly, Danny Welbeck looked comfortable at this level, Joe Hart is … Continue reading

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