Marriage and Atheism – Part Two – The Revenge

Well we met with the Spiritualist Minister that is going to legalise our relationship in a formal context. She was, and I assume still is, a rather small but pleasant lady. Somewhere in her late fifties or early sixties she met us with a handshake and it was all rather nice. She didn’t offer any prayers, which leads me to thinking that perhaps a lot of her clientelle are of no fixed religion. She also, and this must have been from intuition asked if we would like all references to “The Great Spirit” removed. Which, obviously, we said we did.

She took us through the order of service and basically told us what to do and when and what to say and to whom. Now that we have the actual order of the day down on paper it is becoming very real. I am saying that a lot but truth be told after such a long engagement the day itself was always something of a concept for both of us. When we sorted out the dress (the main event in wedding terms for the lady) and the food (the main event for the man) it felt like; yep, we are doing it. And that is a feeling that has repeated itself every so often. It is a nice feeling and one that does not hold any negatives or daunting prospects.

So two and a bit months to go.

If you are wanting a service without god, and without the bollock shrivelling prospect of a Catholic Marriage Guidance class then it may be best to think a little differently and hire someone who will let you tailor the service. And who gives a shit if an outdated and corrupt institution does not think you are married. If they ever comment (which, I doubt they will but you never know) just tell them you are a gay.


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