“Zero Day” by David Baldacci

SPECIAL Agent John Puller is from a Military Family. His father was a military Legend and his brother is incarcerated in a military prison for an unspecified treason. Puller, as he asks everyone to call him, works for the CID which is the detective Arm of the Military Police (MP). Throughout the novel the reader is shown glimpses of his tour of duty in the Middle East. The plot concerns the brutal murder of a General and his family. Puller joins forces with Samantha Cole of the local Police.

The plot does fly by and the 600 or so pages pass without you noticing you have read much. I didn’t expect to actually like this book as much as I actually did. The twists and red herrings are interesting and, to my mind at least, it is a good example of Thriller writing. It does not aim to be a classic but it aims to entertain. Which it does.

It is far from perfect however, some of the writing seems rather clunky, “you have a family ma’am, the Untied States Army” and the jingoism – as I am not American – is tiring. You are constantly told that the American Army is the best Army and that the soldiers are the best. Every second page he references the Army or something related. It does mean that Puller is slightly one-dimensional as a character. The supporting character of Samantha Cole works well as does her typically dysfunctional family. It would have been interesting to know more about his brother but that maybe for the sequel. Which I will probably get.



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