The Litigators, John Grisham

The basic story revolves around a high paid young exec who tires of the boredom, anonymity and stress of working for a large multi-national law firm. He gets pissed one day and joins a tiny firm that specialises in ambulance chasing. One of the partners learns about a drug that is potentially lethal and thus ensues a large litigation.
It is fair to say that this not what I expected when I started to read a John Grisham novel. Mainly because the cover of my particular edition has a man running, as if being chased and the blurb talks about “never holding a gun… Till now”. Which is slightly misleading as the main character holds a gun for all of four seconds before putting it down responsibly. It is a dark comedy and a fairly decent one at that. But throughout I had the feeling that it would get better at any given moment, which it never did. The characters are interesting to a point and nothing that has not been seen before.
Just a bit of a “meh” book. Not great, not bad. Worth reading if you have a better book on order.

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