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Spoilers on Facebook

I watch a lot of TV. Not an obsessive amount. But it’s on most times I am in the house. A normal amount I would argue. I am of that generation that still believes in “Event TV”. That’s when you … Continue reading

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It is the weekend and because of St Patrick’s Day it has been a short week. So all the same crap but in a shorter amount of time and since I was off last week more crap. But this weekend … Continue reading

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A very real concern

I have an odd dream, more like a recurring concern. I know that it’s irrational and, for the most part, improbable but it’s there and it isn’t going away. Kind of like an annoying family member or Blackburn Rovers. It … Continue reading

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New Pope, Infallibility and Kinsale

An Argentinian has been elected to the Papacy. Apparently, he came second in the last Papal Conclave. He seems like a nice enough bloke, you know, yeah he is going to be against all the things that a man in … Continue reading

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I’m in the small Irish fishing town of Kinsale binge drinking and gambling with the wife. Will update soon.

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My life is being taken over…

A while back I wrote, and posted here the other day, a relatively tame poem about parents on Facebook, as it is always Facebook never Twitter, who post countless videos, pictures and updates about their spawn. Most of them relating … Continue reading

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Social Networking and the New Parent

This is what I wrote <a

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