Spoilers on Facebook

I watch a lot of TV. Not an obsessive amount. But it’s on most times I am in the house. A normal amount I would argue.
I am of that generation that still believes in “Event TV”. That’s when you suddenly think; ‘no matter what I have to see this show next week’.
Obviously with Sky Plus and the like it does not really matter if I am in when it’s on as we can record it and then watch it later. It is fucking great that we can do that. Seriously, it’s ace. Much better than taping it. Which was a pain in the arse.
So, with that in mind imagine my anger when someone has watched a show, I also watch, on the Internet before its broadcast and then GIVES THE CUNTING ENDING AWAY!!!

I have no real issue with downloading shit off the Internet. Other than it is going to hit that shows ratings and if they fall too much it will get cancelled and it’s against the law and it is doing people out of a job. That is your choice, download or stream or watch it when it is broadcast with a brew. Whatever.

But don’t go on to Social Networks and give the ending away! Not only is it annoying it is massively inconsiderate to other people. You can get across how great it is by not being a prick. For example:

“Just watched The Walking Dead. What an ending. Jaw meet floor!!”


“OMG TWD was amazeballs”

There. Fucking done. People who have seen it will know what you mean. People yet to see it will not.

It is not that big a deal I admit when you consider sexism and if you’re a bloke and you read too much feminist blogs you’ll grow to hate your penis. It is just something one person will be looking forward to ruined by someone else.

Even if it was a “joke” status (which I doubt) it isn’t particularly funny.
Almost as bad is when someone will watch a TV show and then go to Facebook and complain about it. Like it fucking matters. If it annoys you don’t watch it. If you love it don’t give the fucking ending away.

About poetryinstasis

I am a long haired, infrequent blogger and Literature enthusiast. I also watch an unhealthy amount of Football (Soccer) and am the rarest of things as I support my local team. "I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know the best" Frida Kahlo
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