An odd day all around

It has, all in all, been an odd week. It started with The Death of Tatcher on Monday. The news, not only confused a transition year student at work but it almost ruined lunch. Shortly afterwards came the inevitable onslaught of bile on Social media. I do not pretend to be an expert on 1980’s British politics as I was seven when she was booted out of power.
Any political awakening for me was during John Major and the Tony Blair era. So any comments I made was more or less on the situation at present. It does seem that the current British Government are reapplying Tatcherism but that is for other, better minds to decipher.
Though not to feel left out I posted a relatively tame/ not overly funny comment on Facebook. Which was the following:

I was going to post a poem I wrote about Tatcher dying. But I deleted it because I am not a wanker. Instead, I am telling you all about it because I am actually a wanker. Hashtag

As I said, not massively funny and I wouldn’t have expected it to be anyway controversial. But people moaned about it and said I was a wanker.
As an aside, I never understood why the phrase “wanker” or “wank” has negative connotations. It’s something universal and a little bit magic.
Anyway this led me imposing a mini Facebook exile on myself. The content annoys me no end but yet it seems too great a step to deactivate the account. That seems too final. Almost like changing your relationship status from “I’ll tell you what’s on my mind” to “utterly disillusioned”. Once it has gone, it is gone. I deleted the app and reinstalled it two or three times but I have decided not to post for a while.

To add to the growing sense of surrealism I discovered that my wedding pictures are going to be published in VIP Magazine. That, for anyone not in Ireland, is a glossy celebrity style magazine in the style of “Hello” or “OK”. They include ordinary people’s wedding photos. I will admit that I knew nothing about this and am delighted for my wife as she looked stunning on the day. Who would have thunk that I would be in a glossy magazine. It is nice to be in print and I hope people like the photos as we are both really happy with them.

About poetryinstasis

I am a long haired, infrequent blogger and Literature enthusiast. I also watch an unhealthy amount of Football (Soccer) and am the rarest of things as I support my local team. "I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know the best" Frida Kahlo
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