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An odd day all around

It has, all in all, been an odd week. It started with The Death of Tatcher on Monday. The news, not only confused a transition year student at work but it almost ruined lunch. Shortly afterwards came the inevitable onslaught … Continue reading

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Spoilers on Facebook

I watch a lot of TV. Not an obsessive amount. But it’s on most times I am in the house. A normal amount I would argue. I am of that generation that still believes in “Event TV”. That’s when you … Continue reading

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Social Networking and the New Parent

This is what I wrote <a

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On The Eve of an American Election

On the eve of an American Election Half the world is Screaming in the dark “Pick him, please, pick him” Seemingly soundless as they Go to the polls In Kentucky and Arkansas One feels like an Ancient Briton must’ve done … Continue reading

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Why I am an Atheist

In a lot of blogs people give all sorts of reasons for their non-belief and it can sometimes read like an introduction to an AA meeting: My name is Matt, and I have been without God for six months. This … Continue reading

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Pro life posters in Dublin

Prolife Poster Makes you wonder why a country that remains in a Catholic stranglehold and has anti-abortion legislation written into the constitution still feels the need to advertise Pro-Life scaremongering bullshit? The Advertising Standards Agency cannot, or will not, do … Continue reading

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Euro 2012 Starts today

The European Championships start today which pretty much means my life will stop. Utterly. Obviously, once England have had the usual and utterly predictable Quarter or Semi-Final penalty shoot out heartbreak I will resume existence. On whatever level I am … Continue reading

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