I’m in the small Irish fishing town of Kinsale binge drinking and gambling with the wife. Will update soon.

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My life is being taken over…

A while back I wrote, and posted here the other day, a relatively tame poem about parents on Facebook, as it is always Facebook never Twitter, who post countless videos, pictures and updates about their spawn. Most of them relating to pointless little acheivements and “funny things” that fall out of their chubby Cherubic mouths.

For the life of me I do not know why they do it, perhaps they are bored? Perhaps they think that everyone wants to look at naked bath pictures of bored looking children. I just don’t know. But, I really cannot stress enough how little I want to see your ugly children in the nip. I am not Jimmy fucking Saville. 

I am not some child hating wanker. I don’t hate kids. It is not their fault that gushing parents put naked pictures of them on the Internet, forever. No, it is not them. It is you Mr and Mrs Camera Phone Happy Wankshaft. You are what is wrong with Social Networking. You. Ruined.The Internet. 

It’s World Book Day today, apparently.

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Social Networking and the New Parent

This is what I wrote



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The Forgotten – David Baldacci

I have made some mistakes in my time. I once fucked up a tax form and it cost a shed load of money. I also once tried to jump over a wall without realising that the other side was much, much deeper than it looked.
Another one was that I read the John Puller novel “Zero Day” before I read Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels. One is far superior than the other and as a hint the crap one isn’t Lee Child’s.
John Puller is a weak facsimile of Jack Reacher. This glaring fact survives Zero Day because it is a good enough story but The Forgotten fails in this regard.
Out of 400 plus pages Baldacci mentions that Puller is in the Army in all but six of them! Obviously, that is hyperbole but it feels like it!
I have read other Baldacci books (notably The Innocent which is much better) so it is not him being a poor writer. It is, I feel, down to the protagonist being so familiar and much weaker.
I could blog a whole other post about how they are similar and how Puller is inferior but I have a life to live y’know.
Also, each chapter is roughly two pages long so the narrative pace flies but yet the story still feels laboured.
On the positive side, the attention to detail in regards to weaponry is excellent.
My main problem with the book is it’s sickening level of American jingoism. Reading this gives one the impression that the US Army is amazing. They may as well included a fucking recruitment flyer with the book!
All of the above does sadden me somewhat as I was eagerly awaiting this book but I think that Über Military Police Man (which Jack Reacher also was) Sgt John Puller and I will irrevocably part ways.

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Poetry Video

Here a short Poetry Video I made.

It is a rough version, so please forgive me.

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December 21st 2012

The train gently rolls towards the old city of Cork, I am besuited and heading for a meeting and have my business head, as much as it is, on. I am aware that some comments fall flat and some are ignored but nothing worth being concerned about.

My mind wanders to the next “End of The World” that is due in over a weeks time.

That is when the much misunderstood Mayan Calendar finishes its cycle. Thus starting the end times and if not the coming of Jesus then the apocalypse. Obviously, this isn’t going to happen.

Mainly as it is utter bollocks.

The Mayan’s don’t take into account leap years (which are a relatively recent invention) nor does it account for the change of dates, from the Julian to the Gregorian calendars in the Seventeenth Century. That change effectively took 11 days out of the year. Not only that but the Mayans are unlikely to have used the 365 days a year system developed by the Persians.

Additionally, Time is effectively a concept we developed to structure our lives.
So can people chill out? Please? Just a little?

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On The Eve of an American Election

On the eve of an American Election

Half the world is
Screaming in the dark
“Pick him, please, pick him”

Seemingly soundless as they
Go to the polls
In Kentucky and Arkansas

One feels like an
Ancient Briton must’ve done
When they changed Roman Emperors:

Powerless yet involved
Ignored yet a part
Screaming ceaseless in the dark

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