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An odd day all around

It has, all in all, been an odd week. It started with The Death of Tatcher on Monday. The news, not only confused a transition year student at work but it almost ruined lunch. Shortly afterwards came the inevitable onslaught … Continue reading

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Five weeks to go now

It is now five weeks until I get married. Those who have already been married will know that it’s an odd feeling of excitement, panic and “please don’t let me fuck it up” based apprehension. I have been told that … Continue reading

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Marriage and Atheism – Part Two – The Revenge

Well we met with the Spiritualist Minister that is going to legaliseĀ our relationship in a formal context. She was, and I assume still is, a rather small but pleasant lady. Somewhere in her late fifties or early sixties she met … Continue reading

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Weddings, Obese people on TV and Weight Loss

As I have previously mentioned I am working out in order to get ready for my up coming wedding, obviously whilst typing this I have a brew and Hob Nob cookies but that is by-the-by. Anyway, I have been hitting … Continue reading

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