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Propaganda and Video Games

The advert for ‘Medal of Honour: Black Ops’ is high tempo, dramatic and backed by a rock soundtrack. It shows soldiers running around throwing grenades and shooting insurgents. As the points for the individual kills, the action is intercut with … Continue reading

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Natasha Walter: The Return of Sexism

Natasha Walter is a feminist writer who wrote “The New Feminism” in 1998. In that book she claimed that most of the great Feminist battles have been fought and won, she says herself: “I am ready to admit that I was entirely wrong. While many women relaxed and believed that most arguments around equality had been won” (pg. 8) she goes onto say that this is not the case. The feminist battles have changed as has, the ways in which sexism operates in British society. Walter argues that the culture in which we live has become hyper-sexualised and forces women to be sexualized at an earlier age Continue reading

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